When I was in college my weight was 78kg, eating unhealthy foods, had a bad sleep pattern, and not fit (remembering that I was getting tired easily). Of course, so many times I thought about how to change my life and have better health. I tried different things without any basis of knowledge, so, failures became friends of mine.

Marriage has changed many aspects of my life. That includes my health aspect. My husband, who healthily lived his life, was married to me when I was 78kg.

Letting Someone Help Us to be A Better Person

I am an independent woman, I never let someone else help me or do something for me. But, at that time, I was letting my husband helped me.

My husband made me believed that everyone could improve their physical health. Instead of him forcing me to be healthier, he started to help me learn how to be healthy, what a healthy lifestyle is, what can I do to make my self more fit. Then, I started to lose 4kg in a few weeks.

Sometimes someone knows more than we are, see something that we do not see, or see differently. Be open and do if it’s good for us.

Failures Are Fine, Just Don’t Stop

I failed so many times. There were moments that I was getting back weight I lost. But, even that happened, my fitness level was better. I was not feeling tired easily anymore.

Human body is dynamic. Even in a few hours, the body shape can change. I was not always in good shape. But, I had become a better person by living healthier.

Do not Compare to Others, But The Old Self

It was very overwhelming if I compared myself with other people. I remembered there was a time that I compared with someone who had a much better shape, then I became less motivated. After reading more about the person, I just knew that she had done the process for many years. I was only a quarter of her journey.

I was being grateful that I was a better person comparing with the old me.

Being Consistent Is The Key

I have tried to live healthier for more than a year after I had my second baby. I tried to be consistent eating healthier, workout regularly (3-5 times a week), and get enough rest. I’ve lost more than 20kg since then and lose more than 30% of body fat.

Takeaway for My Programming Career

My journey to getting better health has helped me understand every aspect of life. In my programming career for example. It was hard to understand how to code in the beginning, but when I kept trying, I understood everything gradually. Sometimes I disappoint my client, rejected by client, make mistakes. But, because of that, I learn something new. When I face a blocker when solve the coding problem, discussing with other developers help me to get a better way to solve a problem.